We loved the Toronto Zoo!

by H. Roberts

(Toronto Canada)
I’ve always loved aminals, so have my kids and husband, so we visited the Zoo in Toronto for the day.

My 13 year old daughter Hailee loved it! She had so much fun! Her favorite animals are monkeys, so she loved seeing the monkey exibit. My 9 year old son Darrin loves penguins, so he had the most fun seeing them. He also got a penguin stuffed animal from the giftshop!

My 3 year old’s Wendy and Jenna couldn’t have had a better time! They thought that seeing the tigers was so cool, and it was! They each got little stuffed animals from the giftshops too.
Me and my husband had a great time seeing the kids have fun. We also love visiting the animals like they do, so it was pretty neat for all 7 of us. I would definitely take them all back there!

In addition to all of the fun just visiting the animals and walking around, the littelest kids, my 3 year olds, went on a pony ride! This was there first pony ride ever and they had a blast! The lady’s that worked there were also really nice, and that gave me an easier time letting them go on by themselves.

Over all, we had an amazing time! We’ll be back soon!

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