Visiting Casa Loma Toronto

by Henry Kront

(Toronto Canada)

My husband wanted to go out for the day, and he said that Toronto’s Casa Loma Castle looked pretty interesting, so we went to check it out!

It was really fun! and we had a great time. On the lower level, there was mostly shopping and restaurants, which is good for when you get hungry, and that happened alot to me! It was also pretty interesting that we were underground when on the bottom level!

Next was the main floor, a soon as you entered the level, you just got the feel of royalty. You could definitely tell that a king or queen had lived there before. The ceilings were super high and the floors and walls looked well put together and nicely decorated. The dining room, possibly the nicest part of the main floor, was stunning! I wish that was my dining room!

The second floor was also really great, that was definitely where they spent most of their time. It was nice getting to get a feel for the time that the a royal family lived in. I personally liked this floor the best because it was the most ‘real’.

The third floor was amazing! You could see how the castle was run and there was even a museum there! The whole family had a great time on the third floor.

After the fun time we had inside, we took a walk outside to the garden. It was beautiful out there, and to add to it, it was a gorgeous day! We had a great time.

I would recommend visiting Caso Loma Toronto for anyone!

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