Complete Toronto to Buffalo Travel Guide – Bus transportation, Driving Directions and Buffalo Airport Parking Information.

Plan your Toronto to Buffalo trip easily and save money at Buffalo Airport with Airport Parking Discount Coupons

Here’s some helpful travel advice and tips for those Travelers or residence of Toronto looking to visit Buffalo New York and Buffalo Airport.

We’ve collected information on Bus transportation, Driving directions and Buffalo Airport parking with parking discount coupons to save you money and to make your trip to Buffalo easier and more enjoyable.

Save Money Flying from Buffalo Airport

For residence and travelers in Toronto, flying out of Buffalo Airport can be cheaper than flying out of Toronto International Airport.  A group of four on average can save over $400.00 on a round trip from Buffalo to a US Destination, driving, parking then flying out of Buffalo airport can save you money.

Here you can save time and money with Parking information and Buffalo Airport Parking Coupons.

Bus Transportation

Megabus, Canada Coach and Greyhound have buses leaving Toronto On. to Buffalo and Buffalo Airport.  It is about 3 hours by the bus depending on the border traffic.

Driving Directions from Toronto Canada to Buffalo

Buffalo, New York is 144 kilometers from Toronto Canada and just under 30 minutes from the Canada US boarder.

The fastest driving route from Toronto ON. to Buffalo:

Take Gardiner Express Way to the Queen Elizabeth way then merge onto ON-403 West. Drive till you see the signs for Niagara/East Hamilton and make a slight left continue on and take ON-405 East.

After the boarder crossing continue on I-190 South and take exit 8 for NY-266. Trip Duration is about 2 ½ hours depending on traffic at the boarder

Whether driving or taking Bus Transportation allow time for unexpected travel delays.

Toronto Travel Tips/Toronto to Buffalo

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