Toronto Islands – Information to help you have the Best Time Visiting the Islands

A guide to visiting Toronto islands located in the middle of the city.

Visiting the Islands can be an exciting, informative, enjoyable way to explore and spend the day. These islands are located in the Lake of Ontario and boast that they are part of the extensive park system, which just happens to have a city located within their boundaries.

Historical areas, amusement parks, water fun of all types and fine dining are just a few of the many things to do when visiting the islands.

Centre Island

Access to Centre Island is possible by ferry and by bridge. The Manitou Road and Olympic bridge provide residents and tourists alternative access to this area.

This park has picnic areas, splash and wading pools. A Frisbee golf course, bicycle trails and bike rentals as well as a tram tour of the island from June until September are also available.
The Centreville Amusement Area and Far Enough Farm provide visitors with many fun filled activities.

The Children’s Garden, Avenue of the Gardens and a tour of The Island Church, a non-denominational church that was built in the late 1800’s allow visitors to enjoy the beauty and history of Centre Island.

In addition to four seasonally operated snack bars, the island is home to Carousel Cafe and Island Paradise Restaurant where guests can sit down and enjoy a meal in comfort.

Hanlan’s Point

The Hanlan family settled this island in the mid 1800’s, and it was the first of the islands to be settled. Shortly afterwards the island was annexed by the City of Toronto.

The park has many picnic areas, bicycle paths and rentals, beaches, wading pools and seasonal snack bars. Public athletic areas include volleyball and tennis courts and softball diamonds.

Explore the historic Gibraltar Point Lighthouse or stop and visit the Toronto Islands Natural Science School when visiting the island for a glimpse into the history and diverse ecology of the area. This island is accessible by ferry located in Queen’s Quag between Bay and Yonge Street.

Ward’s Island

Ward’s Island is unique in that it is primarily a place to enjoy the waterfront and water activities. Ward’s Island Beach features a playground and all types of water related fun.

Ward’s Island may provide the best beaches in Toronto for locating beach glass. Early morning or late afternoon is the time to comb the beaches for these amazingly beautiful water polished bits of glass.

The Rectory Café provides a pleasant place for visitors to take in the scenery while enjoying a meal.

Reviews of Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands:

“As a native Torontonian, I’ve been going to the Islands all my life. It’s such a lovely, peaceful getaway from the downtown hustle and bustle. There are beaches everywhere, and plenty of green-space. If you’re a walker, runner, or biker, the Island is 5km from tip to tip (or double back for a 10km). I like the change of scenery from my usual trails.”

Centre Island

“Centre Island is more geared specifically for families with it’s small amusement park and wide open green spaces.” Chicago, Illinois

Ward’s Island

“With its wildflowers, butterflies, and friendly squirrels that come right up to you, Ward’s Island feels almost enchanted.” Buffalo, New York

By boat, bike or car, visitors can enjoy the many activities on the Toronto Islands. Spend the day touring the historical areas, strolling through the many gardens or playing in the water while visiting Toronto Islands.

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