How to use Toronto Airport Transportation – Line Train, Buses, Taxis, Limos and more

How to get to Downtown Toronto Hotels using – Taxis, Limos and Public Transportation.

Toronto Bus

Transportation from Toronto International Airport to downtown Toronto hotels, buses, shuttle vans, limos, taxis and cars. Times and cost will vary depending on travel choice, by car around 30 minutes to get to Downtown Toronto.


Toronto Airport Transportation to Downtown Toronto

There are several different ways to get to Downtown Toronto from the airport, here’s a brief listing:

Public Transportation– Public Transportation is the least expensive way to get to Downtown Toronto. The times will vary depending on the time of day and time of the year.

Visit the official Toronto Transit Site for more info.

Limo  – There are several Limo companies operating from the Toronto airport that offer transportation to downtown Toronto and other through the area. Here is a place to help you Find a Limo for the Best Discount Price.

Taxi – The cost of a taxi from Toronto Airport to Downtown Toronto is approximately $ 40.00

Car Rental – Toronto Airport has many Car Rental Agencies, the drive time to Downtown Toronto is about 30 minutes.

Go Here for the Best Prices for Rental Cars at YYZ

Disclaimer – Please Note: This page is a general guide only – It is NOT the official YYZ Airport website. This information is subject to frequent change. Toronto Travel accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or injury sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult YYZ website before starting any travel.

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