Arriving at Toronto Airport

Things that you will need to Know when you arrive at Toronto Airport (YYZ)



Below you will find helpful advice and tips on arrivals and getting around the Two Terminals at YYZ Airport.

Toronto International Airport is the Busiest Airport in Canada with over 85,000 travelers a day. There are shops restaurants and services to make your visit enjoyable. The airport is beautifully designed and decorated.

This airport continues to grow and update to keep it modern and functional, so occasionally expect delays and detours.

The term “YYZ”, is the 3-letter Airline Code for Toronto International Airport.

Location of Toronto Airport

The location of the Toronto International Airport is 27km (16 miles) West of Downtown Toronto. It’s located in the suburb of Mississauga, Ontario. It is connected by major roads and highways to Hamilton, Niagara Falls and Buffalo USA.

Toronto International Airport – Arrivals and Departures Information

For up-dated and complete information on domestic, USA and International YYZ arrival flight times, see Toronto Airport Flight Arrivals for departures see Toronto Airport Flight Departures.

When Arriving at YYZ:

Here is some things you should know about arriving at Toronto International Airport:

Terminals: There are 2 main terminals at YYZ: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are designed to handle Domestic, International and US flights.

Terminal 1 is the base for Air Canada, Star Alliance and other International airlines.

Terminal 3 is the base for West Jet and 50 other airlines from around the world.

To get around the two terminals a courtesy “Link Train” rail service is provided to the two terminals and the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, the “Link Train” operates 24hrs a day and is wheel chair accessible.

Baggage storage: The Toronto International Airport has no lockers for storage, but you can store coats and luggage in Terminal 1 Level 3 and Terminal 3 Departures Level in the Travel Stores.

Contact the Travel Store for rates and hours of operation:
Terminal 1 level 3 Travel Store: (416) 776-2247
Terminal 3 Travel Store: (905) 612-6677

How to Get Around Toronto International Airport

Most large International Airports can be confusing and hard to find your way around, Toronto International Airport is Canada’s Largest Airport with Two Terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

We have a step by step guide to getting you around the Toronto International Airport.

Terminal 1 Domestic and International Flights.

For Domestic Arrivals at Terminal 1 from Pier D and E Gates.

For International Arrivals at Terminal 1 Pier E and F Gates.

Terminal 3 Domestic and International Flights

Terminal 1 Connecting Flights

For those travelers arriving at Toronto International Airport and Connecting to other locations here is a step by step guide to Connections to:

Canada to Canada

Canada to the US

Canada to International

International to Canada

International to US

International and US flights to International destinations

Terminal 3 Connecting Flights

For Passengers arriving at Toronto International Airport and have a Connecting Flight to other locations here is a step by step guide to Connections to:

Canada to the US

Canada to International

International to Canada

International to US

International and US Flights to International Destinations

Parking at Toronto Airport

There is Valet, Short Term and Long Term, see all the information on parking at Toronto Airport

Restaurants at YYZ

Toronto International Airport has over 45 restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and fast food restaurants to serve your food needs.

Disclaimer – Please Note: This page is a general guide only – It is NOT the official YYZ Airport website. This information is subject to frequent change. Toronto Travel accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or injury sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please consult  YYZ  website before starting any travel.

Toronto Travel Tips / Toronto Airport

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