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One of Toronto’s Best Tourist Attractions is the Ontario Museum

An Educational Tourist Attractions for visitors to Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum. Located in Queen’s Park at Bloor St W & Avenue Rd, the museum is renowned for its extensive collections of artwork plus scientific and natural history exhibits. The Museum was first opened in 1914 and has been the pride of Toronto ever since

Natural History

The Museum includes an extensive collection of items of natural history and the different galleries are arranged according to topic.

More than just a place to exhibit displays, the Museum aims to engage and educate visitors about the biodiversity of the planet and the forces that threaten its existence.

  • The Bat Cave, located in the Philosophers’ Walk Wing on Level 2, is a favorite with kids and features audio-visual presentations that give visitors a realistic experience of what it’s like to live with bats. Centre Block contains the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity with interactive and innovative presentations.
  • The Coral Reef delights with its collections of aquariums and live sea creatures and the Gallery of Birds features an extensive display of hundreds of different bird species.


World Cultures

The Charter of the Royal Ontario Museum includes representation of artwork and cultures from around the world. The World Culture Galleries feature the earliest known cultures to modern day.

Explore the First Peoples gallery to learn about Canadian Native peoples and their art. On display are items such as the headdress worn by Chief Sitting Bull and artifacts of his daily life.

The Gallery of Chinese Temple Art houses temple art collections that can be found nowhere else and which date back to the 12th century.

Explore African and Asian-Pacific traditions and art in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal gallery, which houses over 1,400 artifacts ranging from ceremonial masks to basketry and ceramics.

Interactive Activities at the Royal Ontario Museum

The Museum prides itself on offering hands-on and interactive displays and activities for all age levels. The CIBC Discovery Galley features the Dinosaur Dig and invites visitors to touch, explore and learn using costumes, toys and music. For a high-tech experience, the Digital Gallery features workstations and virtual reality in two and three dimensions.

The Galley of Hands-on Biodiversity highlights the complex and varied interrelationship of all life on Earth. Visitors can touch and try on actual field gear and equipment used by the Museum’s researchers, or learn about the mossy frogs of Vietnam.

Tabletop and wall features provide an interactive experience while learning about the threats to Ontario habitats and the efforts of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to conserve and restore these regions.

Dining and Shopping at the Royal Ontario Museum

No visit to the Royal Ontario Museum is complete without a stop in the ROM Store to pick up that special memento or gift. Choose from multi-media, artwork, books and ceramics or look for a reproduction a favorite artifact.

The ROMkids Store has a wide collection of games, toys and books guaranteed to extend the excitement of that visit to the Bat caves and other activities. After all that shopping, refuel at one of the Museum’s three restaurants, each offering a different dining experience.

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