Our Family visit to the CN Tower Toronto

by The Grace’s

(Buffalo, USA)

Over the long weekend, me and my family took a trip to Toronto to visit some family. The kids had just watched a documentary about the CN Tower in Toronto, and were begging to see it, so me and my wife took them over there to do some site-seeing! From the ground, we were all in awe of how huge the tower was! 1815 ft tall!

Once we got up to the middle floor, the one that’s all glass, the kids really started to enjoy it!

My wife, who’s afraid or heights, didn’t attempt the glass floor, but she still had a great time in the gift shops. There was alot of first nation’s art and CN tower items there, perfect for gifts or souvenirs. After all of that fun, we all enjoyed dinner at the 360 restaurant. It was great!

We got to see a view of all of Toronto while we enjoyed a delicious dinner! I was expecting to be sick from the spinning motion, but luckily, it was slow enough that none of us even could feel it moving! The kids had so much fun there.

I’d recommend visiting the CN Tower for any families wanting some fun! We’ll definitely be back.

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