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Ontario Science Centre, Top Tourist Attraction in Toronto.

No visit to Toronto is complete without a stop at one of Toronto’s Best Tourist Attractions, the Ontario Science Centre.
Located in the heart of Toronto and just 25 minutes from the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the Science Center offers something for everyone.


Innovation at the Science Centre

The Science Centre is all about innovation, excitement and education. Its mission statement says it all:

“To delight, inform and challenge visitors through engaging and thought-provoking experiences in science and technology. “

Established in 1969, the Centre is one of the most visited attractions in Canada. Ever-changing exhibits and displays entice visitors back repeatedly for new experiences.


KidsSpark is one of the Science Centre’s first exhibits spawned by the Agents of Change Initiative.

Kids can’t help but be excited about science when they visit KidSpark on Level four of the Centre. With a wide variety of hands-on exhibits, KidSpark invites kids to experience science and physics with experiments using magnets, water, music and just plain creativity.

Kids learn about what goes into building a roller coaster or making devices that transform everyday sounds into something completely new.

Weston Family Innovation Centre

Teens have their own centre designed to challenge and invite a closer look at the wonders of science and technology. Interactive exhibits let teens try creative ways of myth-busting and problem-solving through robotics and electronic harps.

Native Species Exhibits and displays of 3D wallpaper, aluminum foam and other innovative materials call on teens to question everything. Art goes hi-tech and hands-on, as visitor create their own compositions or take apart computer motherboards to see what makes them tick.

Ontario Science Centre IMAX Dome Films

IMAX films are known around the world and the Centre presents an ongoing and exciting variety. Located at the front entrance of the Centre, this must-see exhibit lets visitors peer into the innovative projection booth and explore the inner workings of the IMAX experience.

The entire family will thrill to the massive screen with shows such as IMAX Hubble or IMAX under the Sea. “Legends of Flight” explores the evolution of aircraft and a look at what’s possible in the future.

Café Scientifique

This one-of-a-kind exhibits lets visitors enjoy delicious refreshments while learning about some of the newest ideas and future of science and technology.

Not a lecture hall, it is a unique community environment that encourages audience involvement through group discussions on topics such as the future of sustainable or organic foods.

Learn how mathematics plays a major role in everything from personal relations to tracking a new strain of virus.

Ontario Science Centre Hours and Prices

The Science Centre is open to visitors seven days a week and every day of the year except December 25.

Hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm, and prices for entrance into the Science Centre and IMAX film dome are:

$25.00 for adults, Youths from age 13 to 17, seniors over age 65 and students with a valid school ID pay $19.00, Children four to 12 cost $11.00, and infants and toddlers to age three get in free.

For more information visit the Official website for the Ontario Science Centre

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