My visit to the Toronto Islands

by H. Rose

(Hamilton, ON)

I decided to take the weekend off and visit the Toronto Islands to get a break from work and relax. I had a great time!

Beside from the islands being absolutely beautiful, it was also tons of fun! I got to the island by a short ferry ride. When I got settled at the island, I took a walk around.

There were bike trails, golf courses, pools, trams that take you all around if you’re a tourist, it was great! It would be the perfect get-away for anyone who is active or sporty, or for families.

Hanlan’s point was really pretty! I visited the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse for a while which was really fun. I had a great time seeing such an old lighthouse!

I also visited Ward’s Island, a cute little island much like Hanlan’s Point, except more water! I went down to check out the beach and it was really nice there, with tons of sea glass! I picked some up as souvenirs.

I had so much fun at the Toronto Islands! Next time I need a place to relax at I am coming here!

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