Me and my family loved the Royal Ontario Museum!

by Baille Family

(Toronto, Canada)

Me and my family took a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum for the day. It was Awesome and we had such a great time!

The first thing you notice, right as you pull up to parking lot, is this magnificent building with absolutely incredible architecture! It’s amazing! We couldn’t believe how cool it was!

Believe it or not, the number one question my family asked that day was…”How does this thing stand?!” It’s truly amazing. I’d go back any day just to see the outside of the building again!

Now for the inside. There was alot of multi-cultural artifacts inside, such as a really neat head dress worn by a real native chief! There were also fun galleries that you could see. There were a few of them like the first people’s gallery, the Chinese temple art gallery, the Hands-on gallery of biodiversity, and more!

It was so great, especially the hands-on ones because you actually got to touch and feel stuff. That was really cool for my 13 year old daughter. Another fun thing was the dinosaur dig! My 9 year old son really enjoyed that! My daughter actually liked it too!

In all, the whole family had lots of fun at the museum!

I think we will all come back again soon!


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