Guide to having the Best time at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Information about the Hall of Fame, hours, location and how to make the Best of your visit.

Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame located at Brookfield Place 30 Yonge Street, provides visitors the opportunity to experience hockey first hand. Opened in 1961 and US Ambassador Livingston T. Merchant and Prime Minister Diefenbaker were both on hand at the dedication ceremony.

Prime Minister Diefenbaker stated,“There is nothing greater than hockey to bring about national unity and a closer relationship between the United States and Canada.”

Things to Do At the Hockey Hall of Fame


Interactive Exhibits

Visitors will find video hockey games, Virtual Reality Simulations and the ability to take a goal shot using an official weight puck and size appropriate stick.

The virtual simulation is a state of the art interactive exhibit that provides guest with the opportunity to try to and get the puck past a virtual goalie.

Sensors allow the computer-generated goalie to block and occasionally even miss a visitors shot. Visitors can become the goalie at another computer-generated exhibit, where instead of smacking a puck the guest tries to defend the goal from the puck.

Theater and Exhibits

Inside the HHOF is the Heartland Molson Theater. With 128 seats, visitors can watch historic clips and the latest hockey films including The Stanley Cup Odyssey, which provides highlights from the game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Jerseys from notable players, hockey sticks and other equipment are on display inside the Hall of Fame. The prized Stanley Cup is also on display providing guests with the opportunity to view up close the 34 pound 35 inch tall symbol of Hockey excellence.

Hours of Operation of the Hockey Hall of Fame

Open seven days a week, the facility is only closed on Christmas and New Years Day. Tickets can be purchased online or in person and there are Special rates available for groups of 15 or more.

Special packages are also available that include tickets to a home game, Hall of Fame passes, accommodations and transportation. For more information and pricing contact the Hockey Hall of Fame official website.

Reviews of Hall of Fame

The restored 19th century building that houses the Hall of Fame is just one of the many things that attract visitors from around the world.

  • A Toronto resident stated,

“Of course, the best part is walking up into the beautifully restored 19th century building housing all the Legends who have been inducted into the hall of fame.”


  • A visitor from Vermont said,


“It is not necessary to be a hockey fan to enjoy the Hall of Fame,”


  • A Chicago Illinois resident went on to say,


“This is an excellent museum that will have some appeal to those with no sports interest…Hockey is such a part of the natural fiber of Canadian life that it is a good ‘local flavor’.”

When visiting the area be sure to include a stop at the Hall of Fame Toronto for an exciting thrill-packed visit. With interactive exhibits, movies and memorabilia from the first days of professional hockey, sports enthusiasts may find it difficult to leave.

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