Guide to Visiting the CN Tower Toronto – Facts, Information and Location

 Everything you need to know about this Tourist Attraction

One of the most distinctive features of the Toronto skyline is the CN Tower. Currently the world’s tallest freestanding structure on land, the CN Tower is an unforgettable attraction with a view that you won’t want to miss.

History of the CN Tower Toronto

The Canadian National Railway Company originally built the CN Tower during the economic boom in the 1970’s as a communications tower and a tourist attraction.

The height of other skyscrapers at that time was interfering with broadcast signals, so the tower was built to eliminate interference by raising the antenna above those buildings. Completed in 1975, the tower opened to the public in 1976.

Although no longer owned by the Canadian National Railway Company, it retains “Canadian National” (CN) as part of its name.

Fun Facts about the CN Tower Toronto

CN Tower is 1815 feet tall, and its Sky Pod observation deck, the highest man-made observation level in the world, is 1465 feet up. The tower has three observation levels, and on a clear day, you are supposed to be able see Niagara Falls. The tower contains the world’s highest glass floor-paneled elevator and the world’s tallest metal staircase, which opens only for charity events.

Attractions at the CN Tower Toronto

Riding the elevator to the Sky Deck and seeing the magnificent view are only the beginning of a visit to CN Tower. On the middle observation deck, at 1122 feet, you will find the famous Glass Floor, which provides a dizzying view of Toronto.

Relax in the Maple Leaf Cinema as you watch the movie “The Height of Excellence,” which documents the construction and engineering required to build the tower, or experience Himalamazon, the tower’s motion theater ride.

Make a reservation to enjoy the dazzling night view of Toronto with dinner at the 360 Restaurant, a rotating restaurant that completes one revolution every 72 minutes. Savor a vintage bottle of wine from the World’s Highest Wine Cellar. Dining is also available at Horizons on the Look Out and the Far Coast Café.

Shopping and Events

CN Tower contains 10,000 square feet of boutique shopping, specializing in Canadian souvenirs, First Nation arts and crafts, sports memorabilia, and, of course, CN Tower items. CN Tower is available to host your special events, from celebrations to holiday parties. Your celebration will be memorable with the view from the top!

Visiting the CN Tower Toronto

CN Tower is located in downtown Toronto on Front Street, just north of Bremner Boulevard. It is just west of Union Station or a short walk along the Sky Walk. It is open daily, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, although hours are adjusted seasonally, so please call ahead to verify operating hours at the official website of CN Tower. The only day it is not open is Christmas Day. Various rates are available, depending on which attractions you would like to experience.

A visit to unforgettable CN Tower will be one of the highlights of your visit to the city. Whether you appreciate the thrill of its height or the beauty of its design, the memories of your time at CN Tower will enchant you for years to come.

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