Casa Loma Toronto – Information, Location and the Best Discount Rates

 Step back in time and visit a Castle right in the city of Toronto

No visit to Ontario is complete without a stop at Canada’s very own castle and is a memorable historical site.

This intriguing destination draws visitors and locals alike, inviting them to explore the mystery and beauty of its buildings and gardens.

Casa Loma Toronto Visitor Information

There are Four Levels of Rooms to Explore inside Casa Loma.


Casa Loma Lower Level

The lower level of the castle hosts a café, which was originally intended as a private exercise room for Sir Henry and a wine cellar, which has a secret passage to the study. Peer down the 800-foot tunnel that leads to the castle stables. The gift shop has a wide selection of souvenirs.

Casa Loma Toronto Main Floor

The main floor makes a grand statement with the Great Hall, with its 60-foot high ceilings that tower over the many sculptures and decorative pillars. The adjoining Library has unique woodwork floor patterns and a look upward reveals the family coat of arms on the ceiling.

Explore the Dining Room with its walnut lined walls, the lush Conservatory and the private smoking room and study of Sir Henry.

Casa Loma Toronto Second Floor

Here are the private living quarters of Sir Henry and Lady Pellatt, which are decorated to give the visitor a feel for what life was like in their time. One guest room was designed to appeal to the Royal Family, in hopes that they would come to visit.

Notice the Round Room, which was specially designed to fit under the tower and neatly fits within the curved walls.

Third Floor

The third floor is a favorite of many visitors as it contains the Queens Own Rifles Museum and stairs leading up to the towers.

Here a visitor can also learn about the role of the Kiwanis Club in the restoration and operation of the castle.

Gardens of Casa Loma

The Garden Club of Toronto proudly renovated the castle gardens and the result is worthy of any English estate.
Fountains, sculptures and a dramatic display of flowers and plants make the gardens a delight any season.

Explore the Secret Garden and the Carriage Room to see a collection of carriage items of the day.

Casa Loma Past

Casa Loma began its life as the home of Sir Henry Pellatt, a name that became well known in the fields of finance, industry and military history.

The Pellatt family motto, “Devant Si Je Puis” which means, “Foremost if I can”, epitomized the energy and enthusiasm that Sir Pellatt put into this life and spurred him to build the beautiful Casa Loma Toronto.

Casa Loma Toronto Present Day

In 1933, Casa Loma was purchased by the City of Toronto. Operation and development of Casa Loma has been handled by the Kiwanis Club since 1937.

In 2014 the Liberty Entertainment Group is now honored to keep this Attraction open, beautiful and fully restored for all.

This self-sufficient and widely popular Toronto tourist attraction provides over 1 million dollars per year to the City of Toronto in taxes and license fees, thereby benefiting the city and its citizens financially as well as historically.

Casa Loma Toronto Rates and Hours

With the exceptions of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Casa Loma is open every day, between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Prices start at $24.00 for adults with discounts for seniors and youths. Children tickets cost $14.00. There’s a $3.00 hourly charge for parking but no more than $9.00 for the day.

On your next visit to Toronto Canada, be sure to allow at least a full day to visit the famed Casa Loma. You’ll want to return again and again to explore this unique and interesting Toronto Tourist attraction.

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