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Thrills, spills and chills are just a few of the things that Canada’s-Wonderland has in store for those who visit. This park is Canada’s premier amusement park, located on over 330 acres of land at 9580 Jane Street Vaughan, Ontario.
Season passes, group rates and special holiday events keep visitors and residents alike returning to visit again and again.

Canada’s Wonderland – Rides and Entertainment Information



Thrill Seeker Rides

There is a little thrill seeker in everyone and Wonderland lets visitors, who want to experience the most thrilling rides ever, the opportunity to do so.

The Behemoth, the largest, fastest and tallest roller coaster in Canada reaches speeds of over 125 kilometers per hour and is over 5,300 feet long.

The Back Lot Coaster takes riders through parking garages, down stairs, and through hidden tunnels while being shot at and chased by a helicopter.

There’s the Dragons Fire, a 360-degree looping coaster, the Flight Deck, Canada’s only inverted coaster and the Sledgehammer which takes an 80-foot lift into the air with jumps, bumps and freefalls are sure to get anyone’s heart pumping.

The backwards traveling Bat coaster, Thunder Run and the Vortex will surprise riders with their hidden twists and turns.

Rides for the Entire Family

Children, teens, parents and grandparents will all enjoy the beauty of the handcrafted animals of the Antique Carousel. Reminiscing of days gone by is easy when riding on the Swings of the Century.

The backwards traveling Bat coaster, Thunder Run and the Vortex will surprise riders with their hidden twists and turns.

If getting wet doesn’t bother you, Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon rides are guaranteed to provide a wild and wet time.

Speed City Raceway lets visitors test their driving skills on a track complete with the speed and curves of a racetrack. Drivers can compete against other Wonderland guests and they race toward the finish line.

The Spinovator takes riders on a whirling, twirling experience while the Silver Streak allows younger guests to experience the thrills of the larger extreme amusement park rides in safety.

Planet Snoopy

Spend some time with Charlie Brown‘s beloved pet at Planet Snoopy located inside Canada’s Wonderland.

With special theme oriented rides, an ice show where Snoopy and his friends demonstrate how well they can jump and twirl and children of all ages can give a hug to the big dog himself. Child and parent friendly, Planet Snoopy provides fun and entertainment for everyone

Live Entertainment

In addition to rides of every kind imaginable, Canada’s Wonderland provides live entertainment every day.

Marty’s Party is a 30-minute show especially for kids.
Kinet-X is a special acrobatic show that includes highflying displays through the air and off a trampoline.

The Victoria Falls High Divers plunge into the water at the base of Wonder Mountain from 60 feet above. These daring competitive divers launch themselves into the air from the top of Victoria Falls.

Ticket Prices at Canada’s Wonderland

Ticket prices vary and special rates are available throughout the season. The average price for a day visit to Wonderland for seniors and children under 48-inches tall is $29.99 US Dollars. A family of four will receive a family discount with tickets priced at $19.99.

Two-day passes can be purchased for $39.99 and tickets for the Halloween Haunt are $28.39 each or pay once visit twice tickets are available for $44.99. These ticket prices do not include tax.

Group rates are available by contacting guest’s services through the parks website. Many area hotels offer Wonderland packages that include discounts on tickets and more.

Reviews of Canada’s Wonderland

With so much to see and do, Canada’s Wonderland provides visitors and residents with fun, thrills, chills and more. Take a break from the standard vacation or work trip to visit Wonderland, Canada’s biggest and most exciting amusement park.

Roller Coaster enthusiast said:

Roller coaster enthusiasts will enjoy a
trip to Wonderland, if you’re in Toronto and looking for some coaster time, Canada’s Wonderland is a great time.

A West Virginia visitor said:

Young kids are covered for the day as well, with Planet Snoopy and KidZville.” Wonderland is full of things to do, as “The lines were fairly short for most rides, 10 minute wait, and non-existent for many of them. There was plenty of other stuff to do and my 8-year-old son had a blast!”.

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